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(I work at a flower shop. While we’re not super high-end, the manager has very high standards for the quality of our products and arrangements. She and our full-time floral designer both have over twenty years of experience in the industry. We almost never get complaints, and do frequently get compliments and customers telling us they only ever come to our shop, even when other places are closer to them. Despite all that, I recently got this phone call from a woman regarding an order she hadn’t even been the one to pay for.)

Customer: Do you have designers working at your store?

Me: Yes, we do.

Customer: Well, I’m sorry to hear that, because my children had a bouquet delivered today and it was just terrible. It’s hideous. It looks like you just threw flowers in there without putting any thought into it at all.

Me: I’m very sorry to hear tha–

Customer: I don’t know where you get your training, but everything I get from you is like this. It’s all terrible. None of you know what you’re doing.

Me: I’m–

Customer: I just can’t believe that you would send something out like that.

Me: Do you want the manager to call you, ma’am? (This was later in the day and the manager had already left.)

Customer: No. I guess I’m just going to have to tell my children to never order from [our shop’s name and location, punishingly enunciated] EVER again. I’ll say, ‘Don’t order from there!’

Me: That’s fine, ma’am. You have a nice–

Customer: *hangs up on me*

(Full disclosure: I didn’t see the arrangement in question, but I know the manager made it herself and I’m sure it was fine. What kind of person gets flowers from their children and decides the proper response is to call the florist and insult them?)