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(I work at hotel, and as I’m checking in these older ladies, they want directions to some place, and decided they were going to walk there since it was just a 5 min drive down the road.)
It had started raining a few hours later and I get a call from the ladies.
Lady: “So, we decided not to walk, and I don’t wanna drive my car, so what can we do?”
I’m thinking, “What do you mean you don’t know what you can do?”
Me: “Uhm, I guess I can call you a cab? Or you can try Lyft or Uber?”
Lady: *speaking to her friends* “She said she can call us a cab!”
Me: *sigh, thinking “damnit”* “Yeah I can do that for you no problem…it’ll be a few”
Lady: “Okay, thanks, bye!” *hangs up phone*
I’m thinking “Jesus Lord have mercy…do people not know how to get their own cabs? And why in the world can’t she drive her car 5 mins down the road?”

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