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In the Netherlands, we have Social Housing, meaning houses (for rent) for people with lower incomes. There’s nothing special about the homes; they are just regular houses at a lower price. There’s a years-long waiting-list, up to 12 years if you’re unlucky. People often call us if we have houses to spare, but we are not allowed to ‘give houses away’. All houses are distributed through a Housing System, to insure no one gets special treatment (though you can claim urgency if you are in a very urgent situation, but that’s unimportant for this story.)

Me: You are speaking with [Name], how may I help you?

Caller: Yes, I saw an advertisement about [House], but you made a mistake with the price. It’s [price way too high, imagine 7000 euros instead of 700 euros) for a month’s rent.

Me: I see. I’m checking it right now and I see the mistake. Thank you for telling us, of course we’ll change it rightaway! Can I help you with anything else?

Caller: So, can I get that house now?

Me: I’m sorry?

Caller: I told you about the mistake. Will I get that house because I’m notifying you of your mistake?

Me: *I’m not certain if she’s joking* Oh, I’m sorry, we’re not allowed to give houses away. If only! Then we could make so many people happy! All houses must be distributed through [Housing System].

Caller: *sounds upset* Well, then why did I bother telling you about this? Next time I won’t take the effort and time to tell you!

Me: I’m really glad you did, Miss. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Caller: Well, I guess not!

Me: I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. I wish you a nice day nonetheless.

Caller: Yeah, bye.

To this day, I still don’t know if she was joking or honestly thought she would be pulled all the way to the front of the massive waiting list, just because she told us about a typo.