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[My mother and I have just been diagnosed with arthritis in our spine and hips. I also have 3 protruding discs, and my mother has multiple fusions. We also both have fibromyalgia. On the day this occurred, we were both in pain.

We are in the supermarket, and the registers that are open, are all busy. We queue up, trying to withstand the pain we are in on this day. Finally, an employee comes up and asks us DIRECTLY if we would like to move to the cash register he is about to open. We thank him profusely, and move our shopping cart.

There is an elderly man who seems somewhat confused, so we ask him to please go ahead of us. As he is getting served, another male, older than us, but younger than the elderly gentleman, cuts in front of us.]

Me: Excuse me? What the heck… Sir, we were here first.

[The man didn’t say a word, and wouldn’t look at us. We were disgusted by this behaviour, but didn’t kick up a fuss. Not worth it.]