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(I work in a Greek restaurant. We mostly serve Greek food, but we also serve pizzas. The pizza section is at the end of the hall. You can have any pizza made but the “specialty” slices–slices with toppings–that we offer vary by the day. Usually people go down there and see what is available, tell the “pizza man” working there, then come back to the register and pay for it. All “specialty” slices are the same price. Pepperoni slices are a bit cheaper, and Cheese slices are the cheapest. An old man with a cane walks in.)

Customer: I want a slice of pizza.
Me: (Without thinking, I say what I normally say) Okay, if you go down there you can see the specialty slices we have right now. (Notices his cane and his pained expression) Or, do you just want like pepperoni or cheese?
Customer: Yeah, pepperoni and cheese is fine.
Me: Okay, so which one do you want?
Customer: …
Me: Pepperoni or cheese?
Customer: Both?
Me: Okay, so you want a slice of cheese and a slice of pepperoni?
Customer: No, just one slice.
Me: Okay…so do you want a slice of cheese? Or do you want a slice of pepperoni? …Which technically already has cheese on it.
Customer: …Uh…the second one?
Me: Okay, that’ll be [price].