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(I am in the canteen at my work. The snack option is a vegetable burger with or without chips. The main hot meal for the day is an option of roast meats with various vegetables. The meat choice includes beef, gammon, chicken breast or chicken thighs. The person in front of me in the queue is ordering)

Server: Can I help you?

Customer: Chicken.

Server: To eat in, or take away?
(This determines if you are served on a plate, or in an expanded polystyrene box)

Customer: Eat in.

Server: Certainly sir. Breast or thigh? *Gesturing to both types of chicken in front of him*

Customer: Potatoes.

Server: Erm… Breast or thigh?

Customer: With potatoes.

(The server shakes his head, and just puts a large chicken thigh on the plate. He then turns to the vegetable selection and picks up the serving spoon for the roast potatoes.)

Server: How many?

Customer: And carrots.

(The server blinks in surprise, then silently adds a large spoonful of potatoes and carrots on the plate)

Server: Okay, anything else?

Customer: No.

(The customer takes his plate, and walks off to the tills. The server turns to me)

Server: Can I help you?

Me: Please can I have the vegetable burger with chips, to take away.

Server: Excellent. *Grabs a box and starts putting my order together* I think something was lost in translation there… “Breast or Thigh?” “Potatoes.”