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It’s Memorial Day weekend and we have a coupon $10 off of $25 going on and a lot of people get confused thinking that it’s $10 off of every $25 you spend when in actuality you only get $10 off $25 or more it’s a one time use coupon most customers think that if they separate their orders that will work like that but unfortunately it doesn’t most of the customers are very kind about the coupon and understand that we can only give them one. I’m up on register being very polite to customers who have questions about the coupon I answered all their questions to the best of my ability.

Me: hello how are you today? Did you find everything you were lookin for?

Lady: yes I did, i need to separate my order into two transactions.

Me: alright not a problem, just to let you know I can only let you use one of the $10 off of $25 coupon.

Lady: that’s fine, that’s why I’m separating my order so I can get more than one.

Me: unfortunately that’s not how it works the coupon is only one per customer we can’t give you more then one.

Lady: I don’t understand the coupon says I get $10 off for every 25 I spend I should be able to separate it into more than one transaction.

Me: ma’am I’m sorry but the coupon actually says $10 off your purchase of 25 or more and if you look from the back it clearly states that it’s only one per customer.

Lady: listen you might be having a bad day that’s no reason to give me attitude give me my damn $10 off wanting every 25 or get me someone who can.

I have no idea where she was getting attitude from me as I have been nothing but polite to her the whole time she was at my register.

Me: let me call over a manager for you.

Lady: please because obviously you don’t know how to do your damn job.

At this point I have had enough of her I just wanted her out of the store.

Manager: hi there what can I help you with today?

Lady: yes this b**** won’t let me separate my order so I can get $10 off every 25 I stand.

Manager: well unfortunately ma’am the coupon doesn’t work that way it clearly states on the coupon that it is $10 off 25 or more that you said not every 25.

Lady: exactly that’s why I want to split up my order but this b**** won’t let me do that.

Manager: ma’am we can split up your order you will only get the $10 off 25 or more on one of the orders.

Lady: well that is not what I want to hear I want to be able to split my order up into different transactions and get the 10 off 25 on each of them.

Manager: ma’am I’m sorry but that is not how it’s going to work either you can pay for your items all together and get $10 off or you can just get out of the store.

Lady: I am not leaving until I get $10 off every 25 I spend.

Manager: ma’am I understand that you want a good deal but if my employee did that she could get fired corporate can tell when we give a customer more than of the same coupon and she could get fired for it and frankly she’s one of the best employees we’ve had I am not going to let her get fired so you can save an extra $20

Lady: this is horrible customer service what ever happened to the customer is always right.

Manager: ma’am in this case the customer is wrong very wrong and the employees are right.

Lady: well I will never shop here again if this is how you treat your customers.

She walks out the door with out paying for any of her stuff yelling how horrible this store is and how we will go out of business with out her shopping here. I can say otherwise though the lines we’re already halfway across the store they were so long we were totally going to make sales today even without her.