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(I’m 24 years old when this takes place and only 5 ft tall and am often told I look younger than I really am with many people thinking I’m in the 16-18 yr old range. My parents own a resort and I often help them out. Usually one of them is in the office during the day but today is their anniversary so I’m there instead when a resort guest comes into the office.)
Resort Guest: *using a tone usually reserved for young children or pets* “Hi sweetie! Where’s your mommy or daddy?”
*I’m completely blown away that she’d talk to me like this but I try to remain professional*
Me: “(Mom’s first name) and (Dad’s first name) are not in the office today, however I’d be more than happy to assist you with whatever you may need.”
Resort Guest: *speaking in a normal tone now* “Oh…umm…is there anyone else here?”
*There are two housekeepers and a maintenance guy here as well, however I’ve worked here for much of my life an am able to help guests with most things*
Me: “I’m the one working the office today and am able to assist you with whatever you may need, is there something I can help you with?”
Resort Guest: “Oh…well…we need an extra pillow, do you know where any are?”
Me: “We have extra pillows in the housekeeping room, I’ll go get you one.”
*I head to back where the housekeeping room is and grab an extra pillow, put a clean pillow case on it, and bring it up front to the woman”
Me: “Here you are ma’am, is there anything else I can help you with?”
Resort Guest: “Nope, thank you!”
(I don’t know how old she thought I but never before in my adult life have I had someone talk to me like I was a young child)