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(I am the lead for the department that sells different types of paper used for making cards and such. I’m also on call to cashier. This happens while on register.)

Me: Hi! Did you find everything ok?

Customer: Yeah. *hands me 2 sheets of vellum and a bag of chips*

Me: Great! *ring up the items* That’ll be [price].

Customer: Wait. The paper should be 49 cents per sheet.

Me: Oh, that’s the price of our cardstock. The vellum is 59 cents per sheet. *shows customer the price sticker on the back of the paper*

Customer: But the sign above the paper says 49 cents.

Me: Yes, for the cardstock. But this is vellum.

Customer: I don’t know the difference. The sign just said 49 cents.

Me: *having trouble remembering what the sign says exactly* Hmm, that’s odd. It should say that the prices are different.

Customer: Well the sign wasn’t clear. Can’t you just give it to me for 49 cents?

Me: Let me call the manager.

(The store manager happens to be helping up front. I flag him down and explain what’s going on.)

Manager: *looks at the paper and sees the price sticker* This is 59 cents.

Customer: But the sign says 49 cents! How should I know the difference between cardstock and vellum? I know it’s just 10 cents, but can’t you just give it to me for 49 cents? The sign says 49 cents!

Manager: The price on the paper says 59 cents.

Customer: Forget it! I don’t want it anymore.

(I remove the paper from the transaction and she buys the bag of chips, all the while grumbling about how it’s just 10 cents. As I’m going on break, I check the sign and yeah, it says 49 cents over the cardstock. But right next to it, it says “price as marked” over the vellum.)