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(A customer has come for his reservations a day later and after I told him his room was sold already, he demands to speak with a manager. The manager is not here yet and while he waits, he grumbles angrily out loud about how he hates hotels and me by by association.)

Nasty Man: “See this is why I hate hotels, they give you guaranteed rooms but they never actually do.”

Me: “Your reservation was for yesterday.”

Nasty Man: *get within inches of my face* “So what?!?!?!”

(His friends try to calm him down, and he shouts that it wasn’t his fault that there was traffic on the highway and other delays, and his phone was dead, and that he has a young kid that needs a bed. Again, I state that he was late. He then starts charging around, knocking things on the floor in the lobby, even ripping the phone off, while his friends try to calm him. Finally, the manager arrives, sees the mess, and looks at him.)

Manager: “What’s the problem here?!?!”

Nasty Man: “Your rude employee won’t give me my room! Says she sold it!!!”

Me: “His reservation was for yesterday. We are sold out.”

Manager: *checks computer, huffs a long sigh* “Sir, you are not allowed to check in after 12 hours of your checkin date’s time. It’s in our terms and conditions, and is our policy.”

Nasty Man: “But she never explained this to me! She was just rude! And I have a kid waiting in my car!!!”

His Friends: “Yes she did, now shut up!! There’s no need to be nasty!!”

(I was so grateful to his obviously reasonable friends that I didn’t mention the damage he did to the lobby…I wish I could say that the man got a call from the police and was arrested in front of his kid, but he didn’t. He just had to wait for the housekeeping to clean a checkout’s room and then be checked in. I wish I could earn every hotel about this guy. Watch out! He’s still on the streets and angry! Prayers for his kid as well.)