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(I’m a cashier at a fast food restaurant. A little girl who I’d served with her father earlier comes up to the counter where customers receive orders.)

Girl: It’s a scam that you’re charging for milk. Milk gives kids calcium.
Me: I’m sorry you feel that way! But milk isn’t free. The cows take money to be taken care of!
Girl: My dad can buy a big jug of milk for what you charge for this little jug.

(At this point I’m confused, as milk is included in the price of both a kid’s meal and a regular meal at my restaurant, and even if you just buy it on its own, it’s only 99 cents. Who can buy a big jug of milk for less than a dollar?)

Me: I’m sorry, we don’t set the prices!
Girl: My dad wants to talk to the boss about it.
Me: Well he can talk to one of the managers if he likes.
Girl: No, I want to.
Me: (done with the conversation, to be honest) (Manager)! This girl wants to talk to you!

(She only talked to the manager for about two seconds before leaving. Later on I was cleaning the lobby and found the man talking to someone else about how the restaurant had the nerve to charge him two whole dollars extra to have milk in a kid’s meal and what the girl was saying clicked. Sorry, Dad, but your kid sort of sucked at scamming free stuff for you.)