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I work in a call center for an insurance company where I help agents communicate back and forth with their clients. I typically only call people who are in the same state as I am, and this is the case with this client.

Client: I already went over this with my agent, didn’t he tell you that?

Me: Oh, I’m calling you out of a different office than his, so he must just not have gotten a note over to us about that yet. I’m sorry.

Client: Even with all this technology?

Me: Yes, I’m sorry about that.

Client: Say, do you know how an agent does a quote for a house if he hasn’t even seen it? Do they look at the assessment value?

Me: I’m sorry sir, I’m not a licensed agent so I don’t really know the process for creating a home insurance quote.

Client: Oh, so you’re one of them little Indians?

Me: No, I wouldn’t say that…

Client: It’s okay, we need them. Like the ones they got over there at the post office.

Me: Okay sir, you have a good day then. I’ll leave a note for my office that you’re already in contact with the agent.

Note: I am Caucasian and I also sound Caucasian over the telephone.