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Customer: I have a code. I was told you could find what I’m after with a code.

Me: Sure, what’s the code?

Customer: You see, I would like something in black. Not all black, but a lot of black.

Me: No problem. Can I get the code?

Customer: Oh, and it can’t be made from polyester. It get rashes if I wear it for too long.

Me: Of course. The code?

Customer: I really liked your last season, but nowhere seems to have it now.

I wait a little longer while she tries to describe what she’s wanting before I just go into general search.

Me: Ok. What exactly are you looking for?

Customer: *irate* You should already know! I gave you the damn code. That’s the problem with you young people today. You are the stupidest generation we have ever had!

Me: *losing my patience* Actually, I’m not stupid. I have asked you three times for the code, but instead you have spent the last five minutes vaguely describing what you want without telling me what it actually is. You have a choice, you can either give me the code or get out.

Customer: *taken aback* [Code].

Me: Thank you.

The code refers to a collection of bras. I pick out the ones which match her description and show them on the screen for her to choose. She notices a pink bra on the side of the screen where recently viewed items are kept. She decides on that. I start processing the order.

Customer: You have terrible people skills. You ignore me, shout at me, then show me the ugliest things I would never consider buying! I have half a mind to-

Me: No.

Customer: What?

Me: I’ve had enough of your attitude. I showed you exactly what you wanted. Mostly black, zero polyester, and last season. You instead choose something in pink, that is 100% polyester on front, and isn’t even stocked by us and is this season.

Customer: Well a woman can change her mind!

Me: She can. But if she then expects that she can lambast the person who is trying to help her for “not listening” (actual air quotes), she is very much mistaken.

I print off an order form and hand it to her.

Me: Here’s the form. Fill out your details and drop it through the orders box on your way out. Good day.

I left my station and sat in staff room trying to calm down. When I went back out again, my manager said the woman apologised for being a pain. I felt a little better until a week later when she came in to pick up her order. I served her again, and she spent the entire time saying of terrible the woman (me) was the last time she was in. I moved on to another customer after her order was brought out. She opened it on the counter.



It’s a good thing my manager was understanding, as I probably should have been fired. She is by far the worst customer I have ever had. She came in to return the bra, but I refused to help and went on a walkabout. I could hear shouting from across the store, so it looks like she pushes more people’s buttons than just mine.

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