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(This story goes back a few years as me working in paint department of the hardware warehouse)

Customer : ” Do you have clear varnish, i want to paint my doors and skirting boards in wood colour?”

Me : “Yes Sir, please come this way i will show our range to you. Do you want gloss or satin finish?”

Customer : ” I want shiny one, which you paint over the white doors and skirting and after they are wood colour”

Me: ” if your doors and skirting is already painted white you need to sand the surface down to the timber than apply clear coat over.

Customer : ” No I don’t want to sand anything i just want clear varnish to make my doors and skirting clear of the paint and wood colour. My friend bought that varnish here last week and i want that one.”

Me :” If I have understood you right, you want a varnish that will make the white paint on your timber doors and skirting become clear and show the timber surface underneath?”

Customer :” Yes, where it is?”

Me:” There in no such a thing! The clear varnish doesn’t make white or coloured paint clear nor see through it is just clear itself like glass. If it is applied on BARE timber it will be in “wood” colour.”

Customer :” You don’t know anything, my friend bought it here last week and painted over his skirting and its wood colour, ive seen it.”

Me:” Well Sir I know that much that the clear varnish is just a clear “paint” and it doesnt make painted surfaces clear but just “shiny”