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I was the only manager on duty and had to help scan items in from the delivery truck, run the store, help new associates, among many other issues. As I’m trying to unload the truck I get a call to the front of the store.

Me: “Hi how can I help you?”

Customer (Husband): “Yea my wife bought a shirt and it dyed her skin and nails grey. I want you to pay for her nails and exchange the shirt for another one.”

Me: -slightly taken aback- “I’m sorry for that, I can’t give you money, but we can do the exchange. Do you have the receipt?”

Customer (Husband): “That’s not good enough!” -Turns to his wife- “Show her the pictures!”

As the customer is pulling the pictures up on her phone I get another call from up front for change, as well as someone needs help at the jewelry counter.

Me: -In my walkie- “Have [Associate name] take care of the jewelry, and call [Stock lead] for the change.”

Customer (Wife): “Here, see it dyed my armpits after I sweat! And look at my nails!”

Customer (Husband): “You need to give us the return and pay for her nails or I’m taking you to small claims!”

Me: -trying to help them and deal with associates that are still needing help both up front and in jewelry- “I’m sorry I can’t just give you money” -by now the daily security service comes in to take yesterdays money to the bank and drop off money, and only I can help with that- “Let me go make a call to my supervisor and I will be right back, until then you can make your return.” -I radio up front to okay the return and run back to let the security into the back and make a call to our area manager, as the store manager is away on vacation and not answering her phone.-

Me: -After getting the instructions of what to do and letting the security guard out- “Okay so the only thing I can offer is for you to fill this out.” -I hand out a form to the husband that is for if someone gets injured in our store or due to our products, she wasn’t hurt by this but since both have made a fuss this was the best I could do at my level-

Customer (husband): “This is rediculous we would have been happy with a $50 gift card!”

Me: “If I could I would have given you that, unfortunately our [gift card] systems don’t work that way. This is the best I can do, someone will contact you to better help with any sort of reimbursement.”

They both left annoyed, but had filled out the form. Before leaving they had informed me that she hadn’t even washed the shirt before wearing it out in the heat. Which is gross since people try on clothes all the time and who knows how cleanly they are!

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