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We have one toilet that caters to all customers at our workplace, this exchange happened shortly after a child didn’t quite make it and had an accident on the floor, the toilet has been closed​off until I can clean it which is indicated by the light being off.

A customer walks out of the toilet having slipped in as I was grabbing the signage and cleaning products.

Me: Sir, are you okay?, The light was off.
Customer: So? There was no sign on the door.
Me: Yes sir, but the light was off, wer…(before I can finish asking if he was okay in there )
Customer: There was no out of order sign on the door, I was going to get a coffee but Im just going to complain about the poor customer service instead.
Me: I was only…(cut off before I could finish asking my question of concern)
Customer: You don’t have to be so rude about it.
Me: Have a nice day, Sir

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