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(I am a cashier at a Hardware store. If a customer brings a chip card in we have to let them know that our pinpads only accept Debit by swiping the card, and Credit by inserting a chip. A man and his friend come to my register. I scan his items and everything goes as normal, until.)

*Customer takes out a chip card*

Me: Is that going to be debit or credit? I ask because you have to swipe for debit or insert for credit.

Customer: It’s credit. *Inserts the card*

(I wait for a moment and watch as he presses debit. Meaning he’ll have to remove the card and try again.)

Me: Sir, you did say it was credit right?

Customer: Yes it’s credit. This card doesn’t do debit.

Me: Ok. Well let’s take the card out and try again. You hit debit.

Customer: But it’s credit.

Me: I know. That’s why we need to start over. You hit debit when it asked you “Debit or Credit”.

Customer: It’s Credit!

Me: *Amused and slightly chuckling* Then why’d you hit Debit?

(At this point the customer’s friend steps in. he takes the card out puts it back in and hits credit. The friend apologized, not that he needed to, and the two of them went on their way. I’d had a string of frustrating transactions prior to, so if either of you stumbles onto this story. Thank you for making my day a little better.)