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I work in a grocery store that accepts social relief vouchers provided by our government to those in need. I don’t see them often, however, and know almost nothing about them. A man enters in some kind of black religious clothing, small cap included. He is black, and I assume to be native to Africa, but as soon as he starts talking, I can tell he is from America. For the record, he is much older than me, and larger. I’m a small white girl in my early twenties.

Me: Hello, sir, how are you today?

Man: *Looking at two products* Huh? Fine. Fine. Do you accept food stamps?

Me: *Confused* Do you mean government vouchers? Yes, we do.

Man: *He holds up two small packages of water enhancer tablets. They are packed with electrolytes and aren’t exactly for flavour* Are these tablets? Like in tablet form? I don’t want no more powders.

Me: *I look and confirm they are* Yes sir, they are.

Man: How much are they?

Me: (Price) rand each, sir. Would you like them?

*He nods, so I scan both of them.*

Me: Your total is (price) rand, sir.

Man: Do you take only cash, or can you also use food stamps?

Me: We accept physical notes, cards, and government vouchers, sir.

Man: *Sternly* And food stamps?

Me: We accept government vouchers as long as they’re from South Africa, sir. These are not eligible for them, however.

Man: Yeah, I know. I was just checking.

*He inserts his card into the chip reader, but in the wrong direction and upside down.*

Me: Could you please insert your card in the other direction and flip it over?

Man: *Loudly* I know what I’m doing! I’m putting the silver side in like I should!

Me: Sir, the gold chip just there needs to go in face side up.

Man: *Does what I say, scoffing* Whatever. *It works* Hey, what do you know? The white girl knew something I, a grown man, didn’t! What are the odds?

Me: I’ve been working here a while, sir. I know how they work. Would you like these in a bag?

Man: *Mutters something, but I couldn’t hear. He keeps taking his card out too early. Three times, to be exact. On the second try, he says* This isn’t working! Why isn’t it working? I did just as you said!

Me: Sir, you have to leave it in until the very end. It will beep.

*He does it again, but he pauses when it asks for an identification number*

Man: Why hasn’t it gone through?

Me: Have you completed the prompts? *I turn the reader to see if it is malfunctioning*

Man: *Jerks it back and types in his number* Don’t touch when I know what I am doing!

*It finally goes through.*

Man: *To the male customer behind him* It’s not me, it’s her and these machines! It’s their machines. They never work. Heh, computers. I have the best computer here *points to his head* in my head. Did you know that? No, you Africans wouldn’t know about that! Not even you white ones!

*He finally leaves, taking his bag-less items with him*

Me: *After greeting the same male customer* Do you know what that was about?

Customer: *Chuckling* I don’t know, but I guess that suits us!