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(I work at a 24 hour gym that’s recently opened up. Great think about working at a gym is the free access to workout there. I work out every morning before my shift. I notice there’s a wallet and protein powder in a locker I usually use. No biggie someone must’ve forgotten it. I move to another locker. Do my work out, shower, get ready for work clock in.)
Phone rings*
Customer: hi I’m calling about a wallet I may have left there…
Me: can you describe it for me please? *looks through lost and found basket*
Customer: brown with a lone star symbol
Me: *lightbulb goes off* oh! As a matter of fact yeah I did see it, you actually left it in a locker without a lock! I’ll hold it here until you get here!
Customer: ok cool thanks!
*fast forward a few hours later, lady walks to front counter*
Me:good morning ma’am how may I help you?
Lady: I’m here for my sons wallet
Me: I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to ask that he himself pick is up. I’d rather be safe than sorry ma’am
Lady: I’m his mothers, he’s 16 I can verify it…
Me:*short pause* describe the wallet please
Lady: brown with a star on front…should have his school ID in it.
(I check the inside and notice our gym tag. I scan it and a unique last name is under the membership. Sure enough the last presented her ID with the same last name. My attention gets drawn to his birthdate noticing she already said he’s 16. I notice she as well has our gym tag which includes the option to bring a guest for free)
Me: ma’am I see you have our membership that gives you guest privileges? You know he could be coming here for free instead of being supervised by an adult each time he comes since he’s underage?
Lady: I know me and my husband have the same membership…
Me: well ma’am to save a bill and annual fee you could just cancel your sons membership and bring him in for free…
Lady: my son wanted a keytag. I’m not stupid we were already explained this when we signed up. Why the fuck are you asking so many questions?
Me: okay…I’m not trying to upset you ma’am I’m simply..
Lady: is there a fucking problem? If there is just cancel out memberships.
Me: no ma’am there’s no problem I’m simply..
Lady: fuck this *walks away*
Me: I’m gonna take my break now