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(This is an exchange I overhear between my manager and my boss about my sisters scheduling hours. She’s just gotten a different job and is getting almost double the pay, so she has told my boss multiple times that she is “on call.”)

Boss: So she doesn’t want as many shifts?

Manager: No, she just doesn’t want to be scheduled for any shifts, but if it’s an emergency that we need her to work a shift or two we can call her and ask if she can work.

Boss: So I’ll only schedule her for Wednesday and Thursday ok?

Manager: No, she’s on call. Don’t schedule her at all

Boss: She can’t work on Wednesday or Thursday?

Manager: She can’t work any days! She’s on call!

Boss: Well fine then! I won’t schedule her any more for this month.

Manager: That’s good. She has a different job now so she can’t be scheduled.

(My sister ended up getting scheduled for three days the next week and shortly after, quit.)