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, | Unfiltered | November 23, 2020

Our company’s website recently had a blog added to it, and we are looking for a ghostwriter who knows something about health-related topics. Two coworkers and I are looking over a ghostwriting agency’s website. Customers can put up a request with a description of what they need, and authors apply to write the texts.

Coworker 1: “It would be great if we got a texter who really knows something about health, like a med student ghostwriting to pay tuition.”
Me: “Do med students even have the time?”
Coworker 2, ignoring me: “What information can we get about the writers on this page? Are there profiles?”
#1: “Just the pseudonyms, the topics they will write about and a rating. And a paragraph they wrote about themselves.”
Me: “So we can ask for health experts, but we can’t confirm if the applicants are really experts?”
#1: “We could book premium service with the agency. It says here that they’d help us choose authors. It costs [ridiculous amount].”
#2: “Or we could write our call in latin. Med students know latin, right?”
Me: “I think [Coworker 2] just had a great idea.”

Coworker 1 looks sceptical, but he pulls up google translator and translates the most important parts of our request into latin.
The next morning:

Me: “Hey, [Coworker 1], any ghostwriter applications so far?”
#1: Yeah, one, a med student. She says she can write up to three blog posts a week for us. Texts in latin cost extra, though.”