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, | Unfiltered | November 22, 2020

I’ve taken my elderly cat to the vet because she’s been pulling out her fur and eating it, and has had a fairly fast heartbeat for some time. Her normal vet isn’t in, so she has to see a different vet who works at the same clinic.

Vet: “So, how long has she been doing this?”
Me: “Oh, about…”
Vet: [Interrupting] “Shh, be quiet for a second. I’m trying to read her chart.”
Me: “O…kay….?”
Vet: “Holy cow! This cat’s thyroid levels are off the charts!”
Me: “Really? She’s…”
Vet: “Hold on, I’m trying to read…”
Me: “Okay…”
Vet: [Finishes reading chart] “Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable treating this cat. She’s not one of my regular patients, she’s Dr. [Name]’s patient, so she should be doing follow-up with her.”

At this point, I’m livid that he’s not going to do anything for my cat, especially because he’s just told me her thyroid levels were off the charts. I did end up having to make a follow-up appointment with her regular vet. We found out she did in fact have hyperthyroidism, and we managed it for about two years….she did end up passing away from it at the age of 12…I now take my new kitty to that clinic, but I will have nothing to do with the vet who dismissed me.

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