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I am working at the eye doctor’s office as assistant. I am fairly new but I know enough to operate the front desk. This is the last day with a coworker helping me. Today one of our doctors has laser surgery hours and because of that, there are several patients from other offices, since not every eye doctor does the laser surgery. In Germany you have to bring a referral, everytime you go to a different doctor than you usually do. This particular patient doesn’t seem to get this.
Coworker: So, do you have your referral with you?
Patient: No? Why?
Coworker: Well, because you’re just here for the laser surgery, you should bring one from your general doctor so we can bill everything correctly. You can send it to us or, if you didn’t get one in the first place, just ask your doctor to send it to us himself.
Patient: Since when? Why do you keep making up new things?
Coworker: We don’t make things up. It has been like this since I started here and that was 6 years ago.
Patient(getting irate): WELL, I never had to bring one and you are really getting on my nerves now.
Coworker: I’m sorry, but we really need the referral. Anyways, you don’t even have to come again, as I said, you can just send it by mail…
Coworker: I am not trying to harass y-
Patient: JUST DO YOUR F*****G JOB!
At this point I’ve had enough and I see that this is going nowhere, so I give it one last try.
Me: LISTEN. TO. ME. Everytime when a patient goes to a different doctor than he usually does, this doctor needs a referal. You don’t have to bring it in yourself, you can send it to us by mail. Do you get me?
Patient (finally understanding):…alright.
He sits in the waiting area and then goes into the doctors room. While he is in there, my coworker realizes that he will also be coming to us for check-up in two weeks. When he comes up to us to leave, she adresses him again.
Coworker: I just saw you will be coming in two weeks anyways for check-up, so you can bring your referral with you then.
Patient: F*** YOU!

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