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I recently got an admin position at an insurance claims agency. Honestly I love the work and have the utmost respect for my co-workers, the claim adjusters, who have to deal with upset claimants over the phone on a regular basis. In the two weeks I’ve worked here I’ve overheard a lot of interesting calls, but this one is probably my favorite.

The call began as normal; [Adjuster]’s goal was to get the car from our claimant and settle him for the total loss. Our agency would get someone to pick up the vehicle, a title transfer would take place, the whole kit and caboodle. I started listening more closely when [Adjuster] raised her voice and kept repeating one question. “Where is the car?”…”Where is the car?”…”Where is the car?”…”The car, I need to know where the car is.”…”Where is the car-WHERE?”….”You SHIPPED it?”

…The claimant sold and shipped his vehicle overseas before we had a chance to pay him for the loss.

[Adjuster] directly told him that since he no longer has his car, we can’t buy it from him. He was a lot more cooperative after she said that and insisted he’d confirm whether or not he did in fact ship it.