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This happened when I was on a school exchange to Japan. We travelled there with my school’s Japanese class, so all of us spoke some Japanese, but mostly rudimentary, e.g. hello, how are you, what’s your name? Only one girl in our class, student #1, speaks Japanese more or less fluently because she’s lived there for a while before.
We’re currently travelling by bus.
Student #1: This is so strange. The bus keeps stopping at every bus stop, but nobody enters or gets out.
Student #2: I noticed the bus driver seems quite upset about it already.
Student #3: Everything about this bis is strange! Look, it also has this weird button. I keep pushing it but nothing happens! I wonder what it’s good for.
We all turned to see student #3 sitting in front of a large, round button with something written on it in Japanese. He pushes it aggressively every 2 seconds.
Cue collective facepalming.
Student #1: Student #3! Seriously? That’s the STOP BUTTON you’re pushing there!!”

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