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(This story happened a couple years ago. My aunt, my brother, and I are at a cake shop. I have just gotten out of my aunt’s car. My door has hit another car softly. The car is very large and almost seems like a monster truck compared to our tiny vehicle.I don’t notice the car was occupied when I make this mistake until it was too late. There was a white family of four.)
Me: *looking up* “Oops! Sorry!*
Truck Dad:Sorry?!
Truck Mom: Sorry won’t pay for the DENT in my car!
(The tiny door of the sedan had barely made a scratch )
Aunt: Hold on! What happened?
(Now my aunt is roughly the same dark skin tone as I am, so we usually get mistaken for mother and son.)
Truck Dad: Your deadbeat son tried to dent my car!
Aunt: [My Name], go inside with your brother.
(My aunt and the family exchanged words and it became heated. They ended up calling 911.)
Police: What am I looking at here?
Truck Dad: They dented our car!
Police: *looks at us* Sorry for your time.
(They drive off, without apologizing to me or the police officer.)
Me: Well, I guess our Bundt cakes will be sweeter than the satisfaction of apologies,huh?

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