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, | Unfiltered | November 21, 2020

I went to the health clinic with a suspected UTI and back pain in the kidney area. I waited for 40 minutes before the doctor finally called me. He then berated me for not having some tests done: those are ordered by the doctor before planned visits. I was an emergency visit and thus couldn’t order the tests myself. He sighed and screamed as he ordered the tests and then sent me off with orders to return ASAP.

I was back less than 5 minutes later and found the room to the examination room wide open with my medical file open on the computer or anyone to see, which is a violation. The doctor was missing, though.

I waited for 15 minutes before he strolled out from the staff room. Back in the room he sneered and told me that I was fat. Fat chicks cry a lot. And eat a lot. He then began imitating stuffing himself with cupcakes and how the fat chicks cried during their visits. He also bragged about how he great he was at scaring away stuffy old ladies who thought that he was odd and told me about his vacation where he swam (cue to him running around in the room flapping his arms) and smacking as he reminisced about eating apfel strudels. When he screeched once more about my weight I walked out.

Three days later I discussed the doctor’s visit with my therapist, who told me that Doctor Nutcase had been fired the previous day.

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