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I live in a suburb where one half is in [Town 1] and the other half is in [Town 2]. [Town 1] has control of the water supply of the suburb ,so when they decided to shut off the water in the morning ;they only told their side that the water was going to be shut off.
I live in [Town 2] ,so this causes problems because I have to get ready for school. My father calls to see what the problem was ,and finds out that [Town 1] needed to fix a few things that would normally last less than an hour. When I come home from school, I find out from my father that the water was out for 4 to 5 hours due to the workers taking their time fixing the issue. Many people from [Town 2] complained about the issue to [Town 1] and just wanted to be in the know if this ever occurs again.
([Town 1] agreed to the promise but never kept it because two more incidents happened after that without letting people know.)

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