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, | Unfiltered | November 21, 2020

A customer calls to ask about a recently placed online order.

Me: Thank you for calling (store). This is (my name), how can I help you?
Customer: Cancel. Order.
Me: Sorry?
Customer: (louder) Cancel. Order.
Me: You’d like to cancel your online order?
Customer: YES! (sigh) F***ing automated services…
Me: Yeah they’re a pain.
Customer: Oh. Uh. I didn’t —
Me: If you’d like to cancel your order, you have to call customer service. I can give you their number if you’re ready.
Customer: Can’t you just cancel it?
Me: No, sir. We have no way of modifying orders on our end.
Customer: I don’t want it modified. I want it cancelled.
Me: We can’t do that in store. You have to contact customer service.
Customer: Well this is ridiculous!
Me: You are welcome to come get your order and get a refund after pickup, or you can call customer service.
Customer: I can’t believe you won’t help me. What happened to decent customer service?
Me: I am trying to help you, sir, by offering two options to get you what you want. Unfortunately, anything else is out of my hands. Which would you like to do?
Customer: I want to cancel my order! Jesus Christ why is this so hard for you to understand? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?
Me: The number for customer service is (rattles off number). Good luck, sir, and have a good night.

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