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, | Unfiltered | November 21, 2020

(I run into this girl I know at the playground, and we get to chatting. We’re both 10 at the time, and she understands English ok, but wasn’t raised here.)

Girl: “So, how’s your school going?”

Me: *grimace* “Ok.”

Girl: “Do you have any problems with anybody there?”

Me: “Well, there’s this weird boy that teases me. I don’t like him.”

(I tell her all about what he does to me, which includes staring at me and making bizarre faces at me.)

Girl: “Really. What’s his name?”

Me: “Jeremy. Ugh.”

Girl: “Germy?! Ew, is he germy?”

Me: “No, haha, actually, maybe.”

Girl: “I can’t believe someone would name their kid that. Germy.”

Me: “Haha!”

(We said goodbye and next day in class, I had to courage to call him that! Everyone heard and he was being teased. He never bothered me again, thank goodness.)

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