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[I’m a desktop support mook for a small company. I get this kind of call on a semi-regular basis]

Them: “I’m having problems with my computer now. The right mouse button doesn’t bring up settings and the Windows button doesn’t respond.”

Me: “OK, we may have to restart your computer the hard way – if you press and hold down the power -”

Them: “Oh I can use the right mouse button now… and I’m shutting it down… and it’s taking a while…”

Me: “It sounds like we’re going to need to take some time with your computer to see what’s going on here. If you like, I can set up a loaner laptop so you can -”

“It’s been having these problems for a while… but getting a loaner would take a while… I’ll … call you back later… sorry to bother you…”

Me: . o O (Ah.They called to be unhappy at me but don’t want me to do anything. I see.)

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