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(Ever since her knee surgery I haven’t seen my regular dermatologist, instead I see one of her two assistants. PA1 is ex-military, very brusk, and doesn’t like to do anything extra. PA2 is extremely sweet, a better doctor than my actual dermatologist, and was the first to figure out I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I go in once a year for a mole check as skin cancer is what ultimately killed my paternal grandma. This time I’m stuck with PA1. It should be noted because of my PCOS I’m under the care of an endocrinologist so I get my blood tested every three months. The PCOS has contributed to weight gain over the years so yes, I am fat.)

Me: While I’m here – my feet have been super itchy. It’s just like I have ants crawling all over them.

PA1: *doesn’t even bother to look at my feet* That’s because you’re diabetic.

Me: No I’m not. My bloodwork shows my blood sugars are well within normal range. I’m not even pre-diabetic.

PA1: If you feet are itching like that it’s because you’re diabetic and have neuropathy.

Me: I just saw my endocrinologist recently and I am NOT diabetic. All my bloodwork shows everything is normal except for being severely anemic.

PA1: I’ll prescribe a steroid but you’re diabetic and have neuropathy.

*She prescribes a topical steroid that does absolutely zlitch for the itchiness. I end up finding more relief from a medicated powder from the dollar store. Also my blood work over the next year confirms I’m STILL not diabetic. On top of that my feet are very ticklish, so obviously no neuropathy. Cut to my next mole check, this time I get PA2.*

PA2: *noticing the smell of medicated foot powder* Are you having problems with your feet? *she begins to examine my feet*

Me: Yes, they itch a lot. (PA1) insisted I have diabetes and neuropathy but she prescribed something anyway – it didn’t work.

PA2: You don’t have diabetes or neuropathy. You have a foot fungus.

(PA2 prescribed a foam and a special powder. Within a week my itchy feet stopped itching. And according to my endocrinologist – I’m STILL not diabetic.)

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