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I work the morning shift cleaning a local pub before my other job. The first thing I was confronted with upon entry this morning was a large, terrified bat flying around the downstairs bar and restaurant area. He is not very friendly , but my boss has told me I’m not allowed to phone animal control because they will have to foot the bill. After an hour of trying to catch the bat/trying to keep it away from scratching me whilst I clean, the phone rings.

Me: Hello, [pub], how can I help you?

Customer: Hey, [boss], so about what we were talking about earlier-

Me: Sorry, sir, [boss] isn’t here yet. She’ll be here in about two hours, when the pub opens. Can I pass a message on?

Customer: What? Don’t lie! I was talking to her LITERALLY two minutes ago! At [pub]! On this number!

Me: It might have been me you talked to? I’ve only answered the phone once, and it was a lady. But [boss] definitely isn’t here; I’ve been the only one here since 6AM.

(Cue Mr. Batty McBatface flying around in a frantic, squeaking rage, flying into my head several times.)

Customer: Don’t lie to me you sl*g. Just go get [boss]. I KNOW I just spoke to her- all I did was hit redial on my phone! GO GET HER! I don’t have TIME to deal with you! It’s urgent, and if you ruin it, I’ll make SURE you lose your jo-

(I drop the phone and jump backwards because of the, again, large, terrified bat flying into and around my head. After a few seconds, he settles somewhere, and I pick the phone back up.)


Me: Okay, sir, I’m terribly sorry, but [boss] still isn’t here. She will not BE here until we OPEN. I will ask her to ring you back as soon as I can. Now, I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to end the call because there is a BAT in the building, and I have to deal with that first. Please ring back at [time] and someone can help you.

(I ended the call. I could hear him calling me a sl*g before I managed to hang up. The bat is fine, and was ushered back into the cellar without incident.)

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