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(I’m in the front area of a chain salon, waiting to get my hair cut. The only other people there are the receptionist, two hairdressers, and two customer’s who’s hair is being cut at the moment.)

A family walks in, they have two sons that looks about 7 and 9 years old.

Receptionist: Hi, how can I help you?

Mom: We need two boys haircuts.

Receptionist: Okay, there may be a bit of a wait is that okay?

Mom: I don’t mind waiting.

Receptionist: Great, I’ll just make sure we have time to do both of your sons as it’s pretty close to closing.

Mom: Alright

(The receptionist checks and come back in a few seconds)

Receptionist: I’m really sorry we only have time to do one of your sons today.

Mom: We don’t mind waiting if it’s possible.

Receptionist: I’m really sorry we’re not allowed to stay open late.

(The family gets up to leave)

Dad: You could have said something sooner

Receptionist: Sorry sir, but I didn’t realize we wouldn’t have space for both your sons.

Dad:(now yelling) We wasted 5 minutes of our time, we were sitting her for five minutes and you took your sweet time telling us that NO our sons can’t get their hair cut.

Receptionist: I’m really sorry sir but we have to close.

Mom( Now also yelling): Well, we wasted five minutes at this dump you could have done better.

After they left the receptionist started crying.