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(I’m vice president of a club at the nearby community college. At the time I was 26 and the oldest member of the club, which meant that the younger members would sometimes go to me if they needed advice or anything. I’ve set up a snack day, where members bring a snack and everyone shares. After the meeting I’m sitting with our youngest member, who has just turned 18 and is still very dependent on parents. I notice she is clutching her stomach so I ask about it.)

Me: “Hey [club member] are you okay?”

Club Member “Yes. I’m just hungry. I spent the five dollars my parents gave me for lunch on the snacks for today and I haven’t had breakfast or lunch.”

(I offer to get her a hot dog at the stand on campus, feeling bad that she spent her lunch money on the club. I tell her no need to pay me back, it’s my treat. I figure it is a one time thing and it’s nice to treat a friend now and again. A few weeks later a similar situation comes up. She has no money and wants a snack and I’m buying myself some snacks.)

Club Member: “Do you think you can get me a [candy bar]? I don’t have any money.”

Me: “I guess so, they’re only 75 cents.”

Club Member “Thank you, you’re the greatest!”

(When I got to the counter with the candy she quickly grabbed a much larger version of the candy bar, a jumbo sized bar that cost more than two dollars and put it on the counter. Before I could say anything the cashier had scanned it. I was so annoyed, I felt like she took advantage of my kindness and now if she starts moaning about being hungry -which has become pretty frequent- I ignore it. It’s one thing to help a friend out occasionally, it’s another to let them walk over you.)

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