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, | Unfiltered | November 20, 2020

(A few years ago, my university hosted an open lecture about the legal backgroud of immigration and the asylum process. The organizer of the event was the chair of our legal society, who is a professors at our law school. Main speekers were the vice president of our local administrative court, a second professor that specialized in human rights and a local lawyer that handles many asylum cases. The first three men all had experience in and were comfortable with speaking in front of big crowds. Same could not be said about the lawyer. I would later work with him in a legal clinic and experience him as a very calm and competent person, but this was aparently the first time he stood in front of several hundred people waiting to hear him talk.
After the introduction done by the society chair, the lawyer stepped to the podium. He tried to open his presentation on the university laptop and adjust the microphone to his height, but something seemed to no work properly and suddendly his face was filled with panic and his hands started to twitch. Just a second later the professors and the judge jumped out of their seats in the first row and rushed to his side.
The judge took position behind the laptop and got the presentation running. The human rights professor went to the control pannel and dimmed the lights and let down some curtains to increase the visibility of the presentation. The society chair grabbed a wireless microphone, pulled the strap over the lawyers head and adjusted the strap until it had the proper length befor moving the other microphone out of the way. Then, after a small touch to the lawyers shoulder and an encuraging nod, the three men returned to their seats. The whole scene had lasted less than a minute.
From that moment on, everything went on without a hitch. It was a very good lecture, but it is still this little scene at the beginning that i remember best. I still think it wonderfull how in a field that is known to be ruthless, these three men saw one of their own strugging and rushed to his aid without a second thought. Maybe they were reminded of their own first time standing in front of a full court room or a full lecture hall. )