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(My doctor recommended that I take a certain supplement. Searching online, I find that 3 stores near me carry the supplement; however, when I go in, I find that it is not on the shelves, and I am told that they are not carried in-store at these locations. Frustrated, I consider ordering it online, but its cheap enough I don’t want to pay half the cost in shipping. One evening, I notice that there is a Vitamin and Supplement store in the plaza of the grocery store just a mile from my home. Unfortunately, it is late and they are closed, but I make a mental note. The next day, I go online and thier website says that it is in store at this location. Just to be sure, I call and double check.)

Me: Hi, I’m looking for [supplement]. Your website says that your store carries it, is this correct?

Employee: Yeah, we have it.

Me: Okay, great! What are your prices?

Employee: Uh, we got [count] bottle for $9, and [twice the count of bottle 1] for $16. (not as cheap as I’d hoped, but still much better than ordering online)

Me: Okay. And what time do you close tonight?

Employee: We close at 8.

(We only have one car, and my husband has taken it to work. I text him and ask if he’d be willing to stop in on his way home and pick it up for me. At 7:50, he gets home and tosses the bottle on the bed and flops down next to it. Then he tells me about what happened.)

Husband: *goes in, asks an employee and she shows him to the shelf*

Employee: … But we’re out of just the [supplement]. But we do have this combination health kit for $22.99. *pointing at an item on the shelf*

Husband: *looks at where she’s pointing, then 2 inches next to it, where there’s a row of the exact supplement he’d asked for. He grabs a bottle* That’s okay, I think this is what I’m looking for. Can you ring me up?

Employee: … Oh. Yeah. OK. After tax, that’ll be [price just over $10].

(All he has on him is a $100 bill. The employee tells him that she doesn’t have enough change in her register. Seeing as he still has a while before they close, he asks if it’d be okay if he went next door to the grocery store so he could break the bill and come right back. She agrees. My husband goes next door, purchases a couple of cokes, and heads back- it took him maybe 5 or 10 minutes. When he gets back to the vitamin shop, he finds that the door is locked. It’s still half an hour before closing, so he knocks. The employee sees him and makes a face, annoyed. She opens the door and lets him back in and rings him up. He leaves and heads home.)

Husband: *to me* So, I don’t think I care for that store very much. Seemed a bit ridiculous.

Me: Wow. Maybe they need some more store training. Well, anyway, I’m still very appreciative of you picking it up for me. Thank you.

Husband: Anytime, sweetie.

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