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This story takes place in 2015, when some friends and I take it upon us to publish the yearbook for our graduating class. This is something that is done almost every year, but somehow there seems to be no existing protocol or infrastructure for us to use, so we have to figure out pretty much everything ourselves.
Once we find a nice printer we make a deal with the school’s financial department that they will pay the bill for the printer and then the yearbook committee will pay the school back later with the revenue from the sale of the books.
We receive the bill for the printer and as the unofficial treasurer I forward it to the financial department. Thinking this problem is now solved, we focus on organizing the sale of the books, until a while later I receive another email from the printer that the bill has not yet been paid. I send a reminder to the financial department and continue with the many tasks that are still remaining. Unfortunately, a while later I receive yet another reminder to pay our bill which I forward with urgency to the financial department. During this time we are no longer in school, we have finished all our exams and are just waiting until we get the results for those exams and our graduation ceremony, during which we will distribute the books. I do not particularly feel like going to school just to tell a grown man who is a financial professional to do his job.
In the mean time, we have started selling the books and are receiving payments from students and parents. After we have sold all the books and collected our payments, I receive another, annoyed email from the printer stating that the bill still has not been paid. Not trusting the financial department anymore, I just pay the printer bill with our revenue and send an email to the school that they no longer have to pay the bill, as we already took care of it.
We are disappointed with the school, but we all get to move on, go to university and leave our struggling, disorganized high school behind.
However, this is not the end to the story. After being at university for a few months, I decide to check my high school email account for fun, just to see if any emails still came in. To my surprise I find one from the printer, explaining that they received a double payment for our books -one from us and a later one from the school’s financial department- and asking us which one should be refunded. I was almost tempted to tell them to refund the amount to my friends and I, as retaliation against the incompetency of the school, but of course I didn’t and told them to refund the school.
So, not only did they ignore every single email reminding them to pay the bill at first, they also ignored my email telling them it is no longer needed and then still paid the bill without wondering why we never gave them the money from the sale. From what I hear, the school is doing increasingly worse since we left and I am not surprised.

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