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(I go into work one day and immediately a coworker comes up to me.)
Coworker: Oh, (my name), you’re going to love this?
Me: What?
Coworker: So, on Sunday, a customer bought chicken. This morning (today is Friday), she called back and said that it expired today before she had a chance to use it.
Me: Please tell me (manager) didn’t give in.
Coworker: He caved.
Me: Why?
Coworker: Initially, he said no. I mean, she had five days to use the chicken, and she still could’ve cooked it, since it’s a sell by date, not a use by date.
Me: Yeah, as long as she cooked it thoroughly, it would’ve been fine. But why did he give in? It’s not our fault she didn’t cook it sooner or freeze it.
Coworker: Don’t know. All I know is, I had to get her her replacement chicken.
Me: Spineless manager.

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