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A couple of years ago we sadly had to put our 19yr old dog to sleep. Our other pup didn’t cope with not having a friend and so after a couple of months we decided to get another dog. We wanted to get a senior dog who could live out their life being spoiled and being a role model for our younger pup. The national animal rescue organisation was running a promotion on their pets and so we decided to face the crowds and see if we could find a dog. Their website showed a pup who fit exactly what we wanted at the shelter about an hour from our house. So we got up early, with our dog and headed to the shelter only to be told we weren’t allowed to see this other pup. Disappointed we headed home and I searched the website again. A new pup had been listed who fit our criteria, and was gorgeous, the shelter was only 10 minutes from home. So we headed back towards the new shelter, stopping to allow our pup to pee. We get there and ask to see the dog, they question someone had already put her on hold… We were in luck. We went outside to meet her and to introduce her to our girl. It was a perfect match. We went inside to do paperwork and were waiting inline when a large man came storming in,
Man: I want to see *dog we are adopting*
Shelter Volunteer: Ah… I think she’s being adopted.
Man: WHAT? This is unfair! I drove from over an hour away to come here and I want to see this dog!
Shelter: Ahh.. Sorry I think she’s been adopted… *looks at me*
Me: YES, WE are adopting her.

He then stormed out leaving everyone wide eyed and in shock. The volunteers thanked us for adopting her because she had been abused by men in the past (that’s how she’d ended up in the shelter) and thank god that man wasn’t getting her. Two years on and both girls are the best of friends. We would be lost without either of them!