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(Please note that I’m a customer in this story. I’m a trans woman currently transitioning and I’m with my adopted POC child who’s about 6. We’re at the grocery store and currently waiting in line and it’s a bit of a rush hour. I notice the cashier has a pride flag lapel on her blouse. The current customer is loudly arguing about the price of his items, claiming they were on sale.)

Customer : Hurry up!! I don’t have all day, you need to confirm these prices and I don’t have all day!

Cashier, visibly shaking from the stress : Yes sir, one of the staff is checking your items, we have a few absentees at the moment.

Customer : If I have to pay what you’re ringing me, I’ll sue you personally, I can see you’re one of these d**e who exploit good, G*D fearing Americans like myself!

(The cashier, on the verge of tears, is speechless. I can identify to these aggressions and watch as cashier #2 returns and confirms the ringing price is accurate. The customer stares at the first cashier and starts a hate filled tirade and I can see the tears welling up in her eyes)

Cashier 2 : Sir, I’m sorry but this is my WIFE. If you cannot behave like a decent human being, you will be asked to go out!

My son, who has been watching the whole thing : Don’t you know that love Trumps hate, sir?

(The customer turned red and ran out of the store, the two beautiful cis-lesbian couple took turns kissing my son and I felt so proud I have them my phone number, we’ve been amazing friends since!!!)

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