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I’m at a store trying clothes in the changing rooms, when I suddenly heard a strange grunt coming from right beside me. I think nothing of it, but it quickly repeat and it become clear there’s a man in there, enjoying himself a bit too much for a public space. I get out of there fast, and when I open my door, another female customer halfway though a cabin door, address me:

*Female customer*: Did you heard that?
*Me*: Yes! You too?

Turn out she was trying to tell the staffs members who was near, about what is going on. But they all have that confused look on their faces. I want to back her up, because, it is that much disturbing.

*Me*: There’s a man in there…hmm, you know, pleasuring himself?
Staffs giving me the blank stare.
*Me*: You know, he is…*I try to gesture* no?
Staffs still giving me the blank stare.
*Me(giving up subtility)*: He is mast****ting in the changing room.

The staffs are all young and rather frails females, and now they kind of panic. While I’m also female, I’m a 10years older than them, and much more collected despite this situation.

*Staffs*: What do we do?
*Me*: Call the police please. This is disgusting and unacceptable behavior.

That’s when a male customer arrive.

*Male costumer*: Oh no, don’t do that. You can’t do that to him.
*Staffs*: You know him?
*Male customer*: No but what if he just need help?
*Me*: Well, if he need help, it’ll be on the way, please just call the police.

Then, the male costumer who is very tall, go to talk to the man over his door, telling him something we don’t ear, and, disapeared.

I think nothing of it, as it look over and I believe officers are their way to deal with all this crazy. So, I join my (male) friend, who had watched everything completly shocked in place. He drag me away, further in the store. When we came back to this area to pay(registers being near the changing rooms), I see an elder man (who turn to be the one who was making the grunt noises) screaming at the female costumer who first talked to me.

*Man*: How dare you? You can’t accuse me like that!
*Female costumer, cornered by him to a cabin door* I’m sorry, it’s just there’s was only the 3 of us using the changing room, you being the only male…I’m sorry if you…
*Man*: How dare you?! You can’t do that to me!

I’m horrified but being more angry at how wrong it is, I jump in.

*Me*: Hey!

That’s when my friend hold me back by grabbing the back on my coat, to prevent me to get closer, but I don’t let it silence me.

*Me*: If you don’t like accusation, then you! Yes, you! Don’t behave so suspiciously! It’s your own fault for acting so much like a creep that you convinced a whole store you was really going at it!

My distraction let the female costumer lock herself away in the closest cabin, which I guess made her feel safer, having a physical barrier from the man. But, it was enough for making him leave immediatly, without replying.

I found the staffs never called the police. The female costumer was still in a cabin when my friend dragged me out, right after we paid. I hope she is fine and not too shaked from this bad experience.

My friend did commend me for being a good person, on our way back home, as I actually did something, but, I’m a bit bitter I could not return the compliment to him. I’m never going back to that store neither.

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