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(I’ve been in the hospital a lot over the past two years. They’ve always diagnosed me with a UTI, given me antibiotics, and sent me on my way. I go to my doctor with my newest one. He notices my health history.)
Doctor: So, you’ve had these symptoms popping up every so often for the past two years?
Me: Yeah, they last a week or so before antibiotics clear them up.
Doctor: Huh, that’s weird. (He goes through his laptop for a minute.) Okay, so we’re gonna run some tests and have an ultrasound done. I’m thinking it’s not your bladder.
(I have blood tests done and get referred for an ultrasound. I come back about a month later.)
Doctor: Okay, I got your results. Turns out I was right, you have gallstones.
(I had surgery a few weeks later and my ‘mysterious’ UTIs stopped.)

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