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Three years before this story happens, my wife and I (both women) were in a car accident. We ended up hiring an attorney to handle most of the claim. At the time of this happening, all that’s left are some unpaid medical bills.

Me: We have letters from the attorney. Looks like they did a filing for the medical stuff.

I leaf through the paperwork.

Me: Hey, check yours. This one says I am male, and that I’m a resident of County A. That’s weird.

Wife: Yeah, mine’s saying the same.

I call the attorney’s office, and get his assistant.

Me: Hi, I just got a filing from your office, and I’m confused. I’m [My Name] and the filing says I’m a man. My wife’s says the same thing.

Assistant: Oh, that’s just a boilerplate filing.

Me: So it won’t matter to the filing that we’re not men?

Assistant: Oh no, it’s fine. I’ve been here 19 years, it’s not a problem.

Me: There’s a second problem. The filings says we’ve both been residents of County A. We’re not. We’ve never lived in County A, just County B. You mailed the filings to our address in County B.

Assistant: Well, sometimes we file in the county where the accident happened.

Me: The accident happened in County B. Only about a mile from your office.

Assistant: Oh, that’s strange. Well, we’ll just file an addendum saying we’re withdrawing the filing from County A and filing in County B.

I wish it wasn’t too late to switch attorneys.

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