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While I just started at my temporary summer job at a famous north-eastern convenience store chain with the geese as their signature logo, I am currently training on their register system and just finished the computer training for tobacco products. I have had customer service and food retail experience before, including the register, but since it includes tobacco products unlike my other job at my college, I am a bit more nervous so I don’t end up in jail. Some of the following incidents were minor until I got three young teenagers trying to purchase some Game Leaf products.

Customer #1: I would like to add a Game Leaf Grape please.

Me: Sure. *Grabs the product* Can I see your I.D. please?

Customer #1: I’m sorry, I don’t have my I.D. on me.

Me: I’m sorry, but I cannot sell this product due to the law.

Customer #1: Hey [Customer #2’s name], can you get me this for me?

Customer #2: Sure. *Walks up with their other friend to my register* I’d like to get that please. *Gives me her I.D.*

Me: I’m sorry, but since I know that you’re purchasing this for your friend here, I must see both of your I.D’s, not just the person who is purchasing the product.

Customer #1&2: But the law says it’s legal if you’re 21.

Customer #1: I also have my I.D.

Me: I’m sorry, but our policy and law states that if you look under 27, we have to card you. Also, if a customer is purchasing it for another person and we suspect they are both under 27, we are allowed to card everyone that is involved.

Customer #3: But he’s 21.

Me: I’m sorry, unless he shows me his I.D., then I will have to cancel this part of the transaction.

Customer #1: I can’t believe this. Where’s my friend [co-worker that I haven’t met yet].

They paid for their stuff and left.

Me Internally: I am definitely not going to jail for people not wanting to obey the law. Guys, just have your I.D. on you and if you are young, smoking isn’t really a good thing for your health. It’s really a financial hindrance. Already got older customers saying that they should quit before they go broke.

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