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(I’m currently attending college in Delaware and while I don’t have any particularly strange experiences there was one that really stood out because of the absurdity. I was at the local [grocery/pharmacy chain] doing my weekly shopping when I spot a man mumbling to himself and acting erratically.]

Man: S***, I really need a drink right now and I also have a sore throat what do I do?

(I would like to point out that this man is simply staring at the OTC medications at the pharmacy aisle, but it’s a little early so the pharmacist isn’t there yet.)

Me: *in my head* Okay…? This guy may be high, but I shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

(I finish my shopping and then need to pick up some allergy medication from the pharmacy. The man is still there, but he is now holding three boxes of Robitussin. I ignore him and proceed to the check out.)

Me: Hey did you notice that man near the pharmacy section?

Cashier: No, why?

Me: He’s being kind of erratic and I’m concerned he might do something dangerous.

Cashier: I see. Do you mind waiting for a few minutes while I check that out? I’m the only one on duty until my manager clocks in.

Me: Sure. I’m not in a hurry.

(The cashier leaves and I can hear him shriek and that only furthers my assumption that he did something stupid. The cashier soon returns.)

Cashier: So… you’re not going to believe this… That guy? I found him sitting with his back against a display cabinet with three empty bottles of Robitussin near him.

Me: Wait… he didn’t…?

Cashier: Yep. He f***ing drank the Robitussin because he was thirsty and had a sore throat.

Me: I overheard that earlier, but I didn’t think much of it… Guess I should’ve tried to intervene?

Cashier: Don’t worry that’s fine… My manager should be coming in soon anyway.

(The cashier relayed the story to the manager and he was as flabbergasted as both of us. The cashier ringed me up and the man was taken to the hospital, but I never heard anything further. I hope he’s okay.)

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