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, | Unfiltered | November 17, 2020

(So a few years back while my grandparents were visiting during the summer from Holland they wanted to go thrift shopping around the area my parents thought it would be a good idea for the grandparents to take my older sister and me out to the local or nearish by places.)(Not a good Idea!)

By the time we make it to the register we had about 3/4 of a cartful of stuff, because my family go to this store a lot we have a membership and with every hundred or so ‘points’ you earn you receive a 20% off coupon and since my sister and I know that this trip won’t exactly be cheap we ask the cashier to add it-note the cashier is a mostly if not completely deaf man- however apparently the membership needed to be plugged in at the beginning of the transaction. Because both my sister and I have very bad social anxiety we decide to just leave it and tell the man that it is ok, and the fact that we know how to behave like decent human beings to a guy who is just doing his job to the best of his abilities. Our grandparents, however, insisted that the cashier void the entire transaction and start again just so they can save a few dollars.
At this point, my grandparents are starting to berate the cashier and I am starting to have a panic attack I just offered my grandfather the difference in form of my money and he told me it was the principal of the thing and that giving him the money would be like throwing it into the wind- which is not true because the proceeds go to good causes, so just no-I had to step outside and I just sat in the parking lot by the car crying and trying to call my mom to pick me and my sister up. Later I learned from my sister that while I was outside they continued to be assholes to the poor cashier and made him take all of the already bagged stuff and rescan it just for a like some 15 dollars or something.

Thankfully later that day we were able to return with just my sister, mother, and myself, and the cashier that had to put up with my horrid relatives was still working. At first, when he saw us he looked kind of scared as if we were going to tell him off or have him reprimanded in a big “let me see you manager moment”- which kind of broke my heart- but when we only made to apologize he looked not like we made everything better, but like we lessened the impact of the shit show that preceded us the second time. I still feel bad for him whenever I go there and see him, and I am NEVER shopping with my grandparents again.

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