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My University has self scheduled exams, unproctored, based off a honor code.

I’m taking a chem exam. In the testing room are several other people who were there when I entered the room, indicating they started their tests before I started mine, including one of my friends in the class.

Me to friend: can I borrow your calculator? I forgot to bring one.

Friend: now?

Me: No, when you finish your exam.

Friend: Sure

I’m hoping that they started their exam a half hour or more before mine, meaning I’d have that time at the end. I work on my test as best I can with long multiplication and the non math components, but logarithms aren’t exactly mental math.

Another girl in the room finishes while I have about 45 minutes left of my exam.
Girl: you needed a calculator, right?

Me: yes, thank you so much!

Girl turns in her test while I do my calculator necessary calculations as far as I can. She takes her time packing up, and stops by one more time.
Girl: I’m going now, but you can keep using it, just get in touch afterwards.
She gives me a note with her name and number while I thank her effusively. Thanks to her I was able to not only calculate all the logarithms but check my mental math too, and she probably turned my failing test into an A! (And good thing, too- turned out my friend had only arrived ten or so minutes before me, so I would have only had that long to work.)

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