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(My mother is a German teacher and keeps in contact with the people she met while doing a Fulbright scholarship. While visiting Germany, they invite us to a party. I speak German well, but am prone to dumb mistakes. This is compounded by the fact that I am tired and everyone keeps trying to give me more food).

Colleague: And would you like some of this cake? What about that one? Or this drink?

Me: *searching for German words, speaking loudly over the music* No, thank you…

Colleague: Really?

Me: Yes, I am full and don’t want to eat.

(As I loudly said this, the music stopped and my mother looked very embarrassed).

Mom: Honey! No! Wrong word…she’s not, guys, don’t worry, she’s too young…

(My mom later explained that the word “full” is a false cognate. By using that word instead of the German word for full, satt, I had basically shouted “I am DRUNK and don’t want to eat!”)

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