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(It’s that time of year for my annual OBGYN appointment. I don’t remember when it is, but they usually call a week before to confirm. So, I decide to wait for the call. We get a couple weeks down the line, and I realize they haven’t called. So, I call them.)

Me: Hi! My name is [Name], and I’m calling to see when my yearly appointment is.

Receptionist: No problem. Let me pull that up… Oh, your appointment was 3 weeks ago.

Me: But no one called me.

Receptionist: My system shows we did. You’ll need to reschedule, and pay the no-show fee.

Me: Which number did you guys call? Because I got nothing on my cell phone, and that’s the number you use every year.

Receptionist: Let’s see…. It looks like we called [Mom’s Number.]

(This happens occasionally, due to an autoimmune disorder I’ve had since I was little. A couple of my doctors still call my mom, despite me being an adult. She will usually just text me to call [Insert Doctor Here] back.)

Me: That’s my mom’s number, but she didn’t tell me you guys called….

Receptionist: I can check on that too. Hang on… All right, I found the notes from our scheduler. We called your mother’s number, but were unable to leave a message.

Me: And no one thought to call my cell phone, which is the primary number on file?

Receptionist: Huh. Good point. I’m sorry about that. Let’s waive that no-show fee. When would you like to reschedule? I have an opening next week……

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